Postal Code 921-8031
2-33-19-1, Nomachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa  |  TEL 076-223-0202

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​Please see surroundings shop and sightseeing infomation via instagram.

 Most of the sightseeing spots are far from the Kanazawa station, therefore, it is convenient to stay at around the sightseeing spots.  A lot of famous restaurants obtained a star of Michelin is accumulated in Katamachi. It is walking distance from our building. Also, you can rent a bicycle for 200 yen and you don't  need to pay additional money if you return the bicycle within 30 minutes between cycle port. 

 Southwest of the Saigawa river is a higher ground area with good scenery and a luxury residential area in Kanazawa.  There are lots of high-class restaurants and temples in this area. It is not a standard sightseeing course but it is very attractive and good for a walk.

■ Arrived at the Kanazawa station by train

  ・7 minutes by taxi

  ・Take a Hokuriku Tetsudo bus and get off at Hirokoji.

          5-minute walk from the bus stop.

​  ・If you want to pick up, please leave a comment at the reservation.

          Also, please email or call your arrival time at the station in two

         days before. The capacity is 8 person.

 Arrived at Komatsu Airport by plane

​  There is a shuttle bus from Komatsu Airport to Kanazawa station.


■ By car

  ・15 minutes from Kanazawa nishi interchange of Hokuriku Highway.

  There are three parking lots near the site. If you want to use the parking

       lot, please let us know beforehand by email or phone.